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Tonnellerie Radoux our largest cooperage is part of the TFF Group, world leaders for added value products and services aimed at the world wine producing community. Whether your requirement is for Bordeaux or Burgundy barrels, large barrels (puncheons) or upright tanks and casks we can personalize your order utilizing a range of toasting techniques to complement your wines. On request we can modify: the number of hoops, the bung hole diameter, the number of esquive bungs, their diameter, and the marking.

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American Oak

Here are the main characteristics of our 3 different oaks from USA

Missouri: the most traditional, the sweetest and the fattest..a lot of sweet vanilla and coconut, fat in the mouth, works best on reds: Cab, Merlot, Zin.

Appalachian: the most interesting characteristic is its spiciness, both in the nose and the mouth; lemon cream sensation in the mid palate, and long finish; works extremely well on zin, but also very versatile; great with syrah, and sometimes very nice with chardonnay ( big chardonnay...)

Minnesota: the tightest grain (grows North): delicate, little “bready” sometimes; the best American oak for chardonnay; works also well on red for longer aging.

Please let me know which grape varieties you are using and we will send you some good references.

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